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Are Robots Taking Over the World?

Everywhere you look, you will see how robots are changing the landscape of our society. Our laptops, smartphones, transportation, and even the appliances we have in our households are considered robots. Without all of these, one can only imagine what kind of world we’d be living in at the moment. Thanks to these inventions, our

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How Technology Helps the Dental Industry

We are already living in the future, which means various technological advancements are now readily available for us to use. While this has provided plenty of opportunities for commerce and the economy to grow, it’s undeniable that we can also see these innovations being applied in the world’s most important industries. One of these fields

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5 Marketing Mistakes Franchisors Should Watch Out For

After finalizing your franchise plans and models, packages, and opportunities, the next step is selling your franchise. But as with all marketing activities, selling your franchise can be quite costly and can take up a lot of resources, which is why you’d want to make sure that every marketing activity and resource you invest in

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A Global Helping Hand: Outsource the Right Way

Let’s say you’re a start-up IT firm in Silicon Valley, or a software development firm trying to grow in Kansas City. Your team is overworked, and your eyebags aren’t getting any smaller either. What can you do to get some rest? Outsource! Outsourcing opens up funds and reduces attrition rates. Employees engaged in outsourced work

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An Overview of the Health of Small Businesses in New Jersey

Like the rest of the country, small enterprises make up the bulk of companies that exist in New Jersey. In fact, it’s 99.6%, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). The number of small-scale companies is now more than 800,000, employing about 1.8 million people in 2015. That’s nearly half of the total workforce in

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