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Five Everyday Tools That Help Protect the Environment

Today, we humans are contending with countless factors that are hindering the path towards environmental sustainability. While the struggles are authentic and apparent, there have also been plenty of efforts to combat climate change and other ecological roadblocks. Technology plays a vital role in realizing these hopes of a greener future. In fact, many of

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Climate Change Facts Concerned Citizens Should Know

It’s frustrating whenever a climate change denier joins in the conversation revolving around the science of our exponentially heating planet. The facts are easily accessible, and these deniers choose to look the other way. If you have someone in your immediate circle who’s fallen prey to misleading information about Earth’s current state in relation to

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The Air We Breathe: How Technology is Protecting Us?

If there’s one thing that we can’t do without in every living moment we have on the planet, the air we breathe tops that list. You can try on ways so you can hold your breath for longer but ultimately, you will have to open yourself up to the gift of oxygen that we have.

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With A Single Click: How E-commerce Stores Work

With the rise of e-commerce, many people are now moving away from going to shops and buy online. This is thanks to the convenience that it provides to everyone. For example, you can buy what you want on your phone and have the delivery arrive at your door within 24 hours at the fastest. However,

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Saving the Environment One Digital File at a Time

If you are still relying on paper transactions, then please stop right this minute. Have you seen what the pandemic did to the world in just 10 months? The pandemic has a solution—a vaccine and stricter laws on protecting endangered animals. Climate change, rising sea levels, deforestation, and global warming… we are long past the

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Five Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The recent typhoon Ulysses, international name Vamco, hit the Philippine islands hard. It killed six and displaced almost 200,000. It submerged towns and ruined properties and livelihoods. Typhoon Ulysses, which made landfall only ten days after an equally powerful typhoon had ravaged the Philippine archipelago, is another testament to the life-threatening truth of climate change. Climate

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Environment

True enough, the coronavirus pandemic didn’t leave anything untouched. Many people thought that staying indoors and not traveling around the world during the height of the outbreak helped the environment “clear its lungs.” It did not. While there is less pollution in the air because of reduced motor vehicles and the cancellation of thousands of

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Making Science Accessible to Everyone

chThe world can be explained by science. And depending on science can help decision-makers and individuals come up with ways to better the future. However, it is worth acknowledging the truth that a lot of people shy away from this very discipline. They have this impression that science is only for the intellectuals and for

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Is Renewable Energy Worth It During a Pandemic?

Renewable energy has been growing steadily over the past decade, and with the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, experts expect that some renewable energy projects to be temporarily suspended. Governments on state and federal levels are concentrating on immediate concerns to stop the spread of the virus. And with unemployment rates of the solar and wind

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What You Need to Know About Your Home’s Heat Pumps

If you want a more efficient system of providing hot water to your household, air source heat pumps are the way to go. The way this machine works is that it sucks in air from outside and then takes the heat from the floating air. As it takes the heat, it compresses the air particles, which

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